Stop White Gwinnett's Attack on Black Candidates

Carol Boyce In Her Own Words

Mary K Murphy In Her Own Words

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What Trump Master Plan Really Is

Take over our government like Hitler .

Look at the similarities between Hilter and trump.



The danger of  Dictatorship.  Trump must go.  The attitude of white supremacy, the idea that white people are brought up with – that psyche of being above blacks – rests on their privilege and advantage over black people.

Trump denies Covid – 19

New lies on vaccine

don’t forget the Tuskegee Government testing. Don’t fall for tumps lies who will this vaccine be tested on. Not his family

What Trump really was doing:

Reducing the Medicare and Medicaid rolls by killing the least of us. To save this program lets

tump yes tump lies he will sacrifice your family to save money

Using Covid 19 to cleanse America and reduce government sponsored medical care.

Trump wants to use us to test his so call vaccine

Trumps friends , major corporations will benefit. Question who are the companies that benefit from face mask, gloves and medications. What companies are leading the research. Would those companies profit go up if a cure is found.

Why Vote Black

Our Black Men are under attack and now is our time to VOTE our  truth!!!!!!

Let’s talk about Gwinnett’s disrespect of  our Black Men.

The Republican powers convinced Nicole Love Henderson, wasn’t hard for her to do (sellout), to run against Attorney Andy Morgan, the first Black to enter the race.  Let’s look at the facts:

Nicole only entered the race in late January.   She announced  a few days before the Gwinnett Chamber’s Annual Dinner.     Nicole says her Leadership Gwinnett friends persuaded her to enter the race,  so easily led.  Let’s  try and split the Black vote Nicole for white Gwinnett.  Nicole says she is a community builder but she has never done anything for the community unless it was job related.   Nicole being on the chamber board was paid by the county while Attorney Andy Morgan also a previous board member paid to be on the board.   

Nicole was a dressed up event planner.    Nicole if elected will do the biding of everyone but us.  Nicole is backed by Richard Tucker, Tammy Shumate and numerous Gwinnett Chamber power brokers so that she will continue the  present agenda.

Curt Thompson is a politician.  Curt has served  over 12 years and never addressed direct issues of our community yet  this time out he is exploiting us by getting  blacks to endorse him, don’t fall for the lies.  Curt and Lee now want to play our saviors as if we need a white man to fight for our rights.  Curt never while representing us propose any legislation  for hate crimes or support enforcement powers for hate crimes. 

Curt referred to a black woman as trash because he couldn’t say niggar, is this the man you want representing you.  HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SEEN HIM in our community now or when he ran for reelection which he lost.   Curt financial support comes from lobbyist and  lawyers.  Curt is bought, since 2006, lobbyists have reported paying more than $5,300 for meals and other gifts for Curt WHILE HE REPRESENTED US. The Big Spenders: State Bar of Georgia ($1,641), University System of Georgia ($1,080).

Curt lies, he lied to a judge and then used,  “he wasn’t given due process” to beat the rap.  We don’t get a free pass. 

Nicole in these pictures show who she really is.  Nicole has gone on record as the present administration has done a great job yet Commissioner Marlene Fosque was the only one who tried to address homelessness during the winter months with no warming centers here in Gwinnett.  During our chair’s administration traffic congestion has worsen.  When the sheriff misused federal funds purchasing a vehicle  and had to return those funds the administration paid for his car. Nicole fills this is good leadership.  

Curt is now claiming to be our mouthpiece but is this just another lie.  Why does he think we will buy into his lies.   We have to question why he never needed to campaign directly to blacks until now.    He  must really think we are dumb.  Say no to Curt Thompson.

Lee Thompson yet another white man that think we are stupid voters.  Lee states he has a Black campaign manager yet he hasn’t taken her off the shelf when he campaigned to white Gwinnett.  Lee recently when he was accused of being a republican brought her out for show, she is all over his facebook and campaign page.  Fact: Lee has never support any Black issues while a state rep.  Fact: Lee works and represents numerous cities in Gwinnett yet never addressed issues related directly to our community.   Why is it that Lee never comes out into the Black community but he wants to now represent us.

Why Vote Informed

Best Choice for District Attorney

My decision to run for District Attorney of Gwinnett County was made after deep thought and prayer. We have a serious choice to make at this time for our community. We want to be safe and have a good quality of life. The issues of mass incarceration, racial disparity in the criminal justice system, and holding our government and police accountable cannot wait.

I am asking for your vote in the Democratic Primary in June 2020 to find lasting solutions to the issues of our day. 

Determined to be the Difference!

Patsy Austin-Gatson

Candidate for District Attorney, Gwinnett County 

Our present DA isn’t in touch with our diverse community.  Danny Porter made the following comment

“Over the past 27 years, I have enjoyed bipartisan support from the voters as a Republican candidate and intend to run again as a Republican,” Porter said in a statement. “I look forward to presenting my record of innovation, accomplishment and experience in the areas of victims’ rights, criminal justice reform, and innovative prosecution strategies in comparison to the ideas and record of the announced Democratic candidate.”

In truth Danny is part right.  Danny isn’t half the attorney Patsy Austin Gatson is.   Patsy  has over 30 years as an attorney  in private practice, an attorney for the Attorney General Office and presently an attorney for the solicitor’s office.  

Patsy  argued a case before the Georgia Supreme Court right out of law school can Danny say that (no he can not).

Patsy won the highest soft tissue settlement in Georgia in 2010, can Danny say that (no he can not).

With our  vote we will have a DA  who will truly represent our community.  Patsy will work to decrease recidivism.  Patsy will create programs to reduce repeat offensives.  Patsy will not make her reputation by unjustly targeting our children with criminal charges putting them in the system higher than their white counterparts.  Patsy will work  toward keeping first offenders from becoming repeat offenders. 

Patsy will go after the gangs here on Gwinnett’s streets.  Patsy will bring the full force of our laws to run gangs out of Gwinnett.  While present leadership hasn’t made a dent in sex trafficking here in Gwinnett Patsy will take her fight to the courts to protect our children.

We  endorse Patsy Austin Gatson  for Gwinnett County’s DA

Best Choice For Sheriff

My family has seen division and fear. They have felt the painful sting of being treated as second-class citizens despite that they worked hard obtained an education and willingly served their country in the military. My family fought in the Civil Rights movement in Montgomery Alabama and I come from a long family history of military service and strong Christian values. As the youngest of two brothers, I was taught the core values of hard work, treating people fairly and giving back to the community I also served our country as a US Marine. After my military service in 1989, I made Gwinnett County my home, became a deputy sheriff and started my family. After 5 years of working as a Sheriff’s Deputy, I worked 25 years at the Gwinnett County Police Department from a rookie officer to detective and ultimately earned recognition as the first person of color appointed to the rank of Assistant Chief where I helped to administer an annual budget of 131,000,000.

We endorse 

Curtis Clemons 

Gwinnett County Sheriff

A vote for Curtis Clemons will bring strong non controversy leadership to the sheriff department.  Curtis will not cost the county funds to purchase him a big kids toy (car).  Curtis will clean up the jail, excessive force will not be tolerated.  

Curtis pledge to put an end to 287G in Gwinnett County.

Immigration enforcement is a civil law matter, not criminal. Holding people in criminal custody for a civil infraction violates the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable seizures. And, when the federal government demands that a local jurisdiction hold immigrants past when they should be released, those demands violate the 10th Amendment by forcing states to do the federal government’s bidding. Federal judges have also found that holding immigrants who don’t face criminal charges for more than 48 hours is also unconstitutional.

A community is stronger when its citizens are informed and involved. Curtis wants our residents to feel comfortable interacting with law enforcement so that trust exists when our communities need  help fighting crime in our neighborhoods and removing those who would disrupt Gwinnett citizen’s quality of life.

Curtis pledges to work with the Gwinnett County Judges and State Legislators on criminal justice reform. The hope is to alleviate the sense that the justice system is unfairly imprisoning those who are poor, homeless or have mental issues. This can be achieved by Signature Bond/ Own Recognizance Bond on fines of $500 or less on non-violent and other strictly enforced charges. This will reduce the inmate population and save taxpayers money.

As your elected Sheriff Curtis pledges to provide fair and humane treatment for all who are detained. This also includes training deputies with the assistance of Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness during the booking process. Proper assessment and distribution of resources will reduce recidivism and the countless lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Department potentially costing Gwinnett taxpayers millions of dollars.