House District 105

State Representative Donna McLeod

Donna McLeod was born in the island of Jamaica, grew up in Canada. She moved to Georgia in 1998 and became a US citizen in 2012.  She has lived in the same house in Lawrenceville for 19 years. She is dedicated to educating the electorate on the importance of their roles in society and the power of the VOTE as a vital force in constructively changing our communities and our country. She served as the  Committee Chair for Voter Outreach and Outreach for the Gwinnett County Democratic Party and continues to be an active member of the Gwinnett Democrats. During the 2019 Legislative Session, Representative McLeod worked with the Department of Corrections and the Department of Community Services to update their release documents to ensure that Ex-Felons that have served their time will be informed that their Voting Rights are restored.

Lieutenant Governor

Derrick Jackson

Derrick is a 22-year military officer veteran (U.S. Navy), corporate general manager, Adjunct Professor, entrepreneur, non-profit Board Member, and a leader in the community that is known for his determination, enthusiasm, keen work ethics, integrity, and a strong commitment to serve his constituents.

Derrick also has strong business acumen. For instance, during his nearly 7-year tenure in General Electric (GE) as the Senior Marketing Manager for the Industrial Growth Vertical & Business Development, he was influential in identifying $1B global market opportunities and managing global strategic partnerships.

Georgia Department of labor

William Boddie


William Boddie is running for Georgia Labor Commissioner because it is time for a change in leadership at the Georgia Department of Labor. After he saw how much Georgians in need struggled due to the slow response from the Georgia Department of Labor, he decided that a change was needed. The COVID-19 Pandemic exposed that the Georgia Department of Labor’s technology is antiquated and the Department is unable to support our Georgia Workers in need, who lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. Georgians deserve a Labor Commissioner who puts the needs of Georgia Workers first.

Representative Boddie’s first step to putting Georgians first will be to modernize and convert the department’s website and technological infrastructure to a completely web-based system. These necessary upgrades will dramatically speed up the processing of unemployment insurance claims so that all eligible claims can be paid in a timely manner and allow for appeals for unemployment insurance claims to be reviewed more efficiently. He will also focus on increasing workforce development opportunities by implementing robust (re)training programs to help recover jobs that were lost during the pandemic. Lastly, Representative Boddie will evaluate and open additional Career Centers across the state with a focus on rural and coastal counties to provide greater accessibility to and better customer service from the Georgia Department of Labor.


Norcross City Council

Sophie Gibson

Sophie Gibson Sophie is a mother, business owner, and community leader. Education has always been very important to Sophie’s family and as a single mother raising three children, Sophie was able to instill this with her three children. Her daughter Skye is currently a student at Georgia State University, her oldest son Egan, who lives in Peachtree Corners has a bachelor’s degree from Central Queensland University, (CQU) in Australia and her youngest son Nage who also lives in Norcross with his husband, has a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

House District 107

Shelly Hutchinson


Shelly is a social worker, small business owner, mother, wife, and your State Representative in House District 107. She moved to Gwinnett in 1998 and she started her small business, The Social Empowerment Center, shortly afterward.

Shelly is committed to policies such as expanding Medicaid, protecting women’s right to reproductive healthcare, and common-sense gun control. During her time in the legislature, Shelly has been determined to provide a level playing field to all Georgians.

House District 55

Gloria S. Butler

Gloria Butler was elected to the
State Senate in 1998 and first served in 1999 to represent
District 55 in DeKalb County. With 19 years of service, Sen.
Butler is the highest-ranking female in the Georgia Senate.
She has held leadership positions every year during her impressive tenure.

In the State Senate, she is the Senate Democratic Caucus
Chairwoman. Sen. Butler is the Secretary for the State and
Local Governmental Operations and Urban Affairs Committees. She is also a member of the Ethics, Health and Human
Services, Reapportionment and Redistricting, Rules and
Transportation Committees. She is the former chair and a
current at-large member of the National Black Caucus of
State Legislators for region 6, which includes Florida and
Georgia, and former Vice Chair of the Georgia Legislative
Black Caucus.

House District 94

Karen Bennett

Representative Bennett has been active in the DeKalb County community for nearly three decades, volunteering and working in various capacities for the good of all citizens and championing the causes of individuals and ideals she cares about.

A servant leader is one who puts serving ahead of leadership. Representative Bennett knows the meaning of Servant Leader. She is dedicated to serving the constituents of District 94. During her Freshman year in the House, Representative Bennett served on the Code Revision, Regulated Industries and Economic Development and Tourism Committees.

Lawrenceville City Council
Post 3

Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson believes we are saturated with restaurants and bars.  He feels we have great potential to convert much of the Depot area into a manufacturing/high tech hub for the city.  Attracting high paying jobs to the city, the college corridor and our residents, tech or otherwise, will be great for our local economy, not another local restaurant/bar paying $3/hr with tips.  Just as we are currently investing $31,000,000 in expansion of the Aurora Theater and the arts, he feels we can invest in attracting the right business models for our city.  With these ideas, he feels can potentially cut the 21.6% poverty rate, or 6,435 residents who live in poverty, by creating higher paying jobs with a livable wage.  As City Councilman, his plan is to work with city officials on exploring ideas to continue growing our city of the future.  He feels we need forward thinkers and visionaries for the future.

Georgia Senate District 9

Nikki Merritt

 Nikki Merritt is a 16-year resident of Gwinnett County and currently reside in Grayson, GA.  Nikki spent 23 years in a service career in telecommunications.  Nikki was taught me to stay engaged in social justice and to push for what is just, fair, and right.

Nikki is running for State Senate to ensure we live in a state that reflects our inclusive and diverse communities.  Nikki will fight for our most vulnerable populations, ensure public safety, support women’s reproductive rights.  Nikki feels that investments in infrastructure are fundamental to economic growth in our state.  She feels many Georgians need relief from stressful daily commutes so that they can spend less time on the road and more time at home with their families.  Nikki will fight for job-creating investments in roads, transportation solutions, and other essential infrastructure to strengthen our economy for years to come.

Agriculture Commissioner

Nakita Hemingway

 A Georgia native born in Savannah, GA and raised in a single parent home of modest means in Decatur, GA. My mother taught my siblings and I the importance of community, leadership and never giving up, and she has overcome many adversities to be the success she is today. 

She attended Georgia State University where she majored in Real Estate and received a degree in Finance from American Intercontinental University. 

Currently she maintains a real estate practice and run a small cut-flower farm with her husband Jonathan and our four kids.

Nakita decision to run for public office was born out her frustrations as a farmer and citizen of Georgia.  In fighting for her own property rights, Nakita discovered the laws of our state don’t do enough to protect the rights of farmers and individual property owners.

Nakita Hemingway believe the people of Georgia deserve better.  Protecting our farmland and making stronger investments in agriculture is essential to growing Georgia’s economy and creating a more prosperous future for all of Georgia

Lawrenceville City Council Post 4

Marlene Taylor Crawford

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Marlene Taylor-Crawford is a compassionate educator who has worked in various positions in three public education systems for over 25 years and decorated community organizer leader. She currently serves as Chairwoman of the Gwinnett Historical Restoration Preservation Board, Hooper-Renwick Legacy Preservation Committee, C.A.N.I (Community Action Network Initiative), participates with Impact 46 and other organizations.

Taylor-Crawford has long taken the lead on issues that are important to the residents of Lawrenceville. She has received many accolades from great organizations, including the Georgia State Legislature, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., The Women’s Legislative Caucus of Georgia, The Family, Robbie S. Moore Community Service Award, and she is a member of Gwinnett County Public Schools Inaugural Educational Equity Team. She is also the former president of the United Ebony Society of Gwinnett County, Inc., serving from 2011—2021.

House District 100

Dewey McClain

It takes a very special personality to be able to lead, motivate people into action, and to be a catalyst for the type of change that helps to make the world a better place, and Dewey McClain has just that type of personality. Relatable, approachable, and humble, Dewey connects with everyone from the local street vendor to the CEO behind a desk.

Dedicated to the citizens in Gwinnett County, and the state of Georgia at large, the former Atlanta Falcon has been involved with a plethora of organizations like the Georgia Council on Child Abuse, the Atlanta United Way, the Special Olympics, the National Football League Players Association, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent change, just to name a few. Dewey’s dedication and hard work over the years has earned him numerous distinctions, including the Gwinnett County Rape Crisis Crystal Angel Award, an induction into the Freedom Bowl Hall of Fame, an induction into the Atlanta Tribune Magazine’s Hall of Fame, and the MLK Jr. March Committee’s Rev. James Orange Award.

Norcross Mayor

Craig Newton

For over twenty years, Craig L. Newton has been a passionate public servant who has demonstrated solid leadership and unwavering support for the City of Norcross, Gwinnett County, and the metro Atlanta region. Craig comes from a long lineage of Gwinnett history. The Newton family has been a part of Gwinnett County since the early 1900’s and he has been a lifelong resident of Norcross. After serving nearly twenty-years on the Norcross City Council, he made history in November 2017 when he was elected as the first African American mayor of any city in Gwinnett County. Today, he continues his public servant journey as Mayor, where he is dedicated to guiding the City of Norcross to a new chapter of economic prosperity, growth, and improved quality of life for all residents. Mayor Newton brings decades of executive experience from both the private sector and public leadership roles to the City of Norcross that will serve the city well for years to come. 

Loganville City Council

Rosa Steele

Solicitor General

Brian Whiteside

House District 108

Jasine Clark

Dr. Jasmine Clark was born in Atlanta, GA in December of 1982. At a very young age, Jasmine realized her passion for the sciences and aspired to follow in the footsteps of her father, and one day be a doctor. She received her Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences, with a concentration in Microbiology, from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 2005. She then went on to receive her Doctoral Degree from Emory University’s Laney Graduate School in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in 2013 after publishing her work on retroviral particle tracking using live-cell imaging microscopy. Subsequently, in 2014, she completed a Postdoctoral project at Emory University, studying high-throughput sequencing of HIV patient samples. Jasmine currently serves as a Lecturer of Microbiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University. As the field of science requires strategic planning, problem solving, and attention to detail, in 2018, Jasmine Clark ran on the platform that her scientific background could add a unique and refreshing perspective to legislating in GA. 

Georgia Insurance & Safety Fire Commission

Derek J Wilson

Derrick, a family, and businessman, aims to educate, collaborate with and advocate for Georgians as the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. Drawing on nearly a decade in property insurance and his love for families, Derrick J. Wilson intends to bring the focus back to local and state government.

As a serial entrepreneur, Derrick diverged into the janitorial industry in 2008. His hard work and dedication to provide for his family have allowed him to hold positions such as Franchise Owner, Branch Manager, Director of Business Development, and currently, Senior Account Manager at Guardian Facility Management. In addition to janitorial [services], his endeavors included owning a U-Haul Dealership and currently the majority owner of Guardian Financial Services, Inc., a tax preparation and bookkeeping company. Derrick is also a licensed insurance adjuster and board member of the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Authority., representing District 3.


Snellville City Council Post 5

Catherine "Cat" Hardrick

Catherine Hardrick was born in Michigan but has lived in Snellville for over twenty years.  Her three children were raised in Snellville attending Britt, Snell Middle, and South Gwinnett.  Catherine is a military veteran who served in the United States Army.  Cat is passionate about veterans and volunteers with a number of organizations and programs dedicated to helping our heroes upon their return home.  Cat earned her Associates Degree in Banking and Finance at Gwinnett Tech and later earned her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University.

United States Senator

Raphael Warnock

Reverend Raphael Warnock grew up in Kayton Homes public housing in Savannah. The family was short on money, but long on faith, love and humor. Raphael and his eleven brothers and sisters were taught the meaning of hard work.

Reverend Warnock’s father was a veteran, a small businessman, and a preacher. He spent the week hauling old cars to the local steel yard, and on Sundays he preached at a local church. Reverend Warnock’s mother grew up in Waycross, where she spent summers picking tobacco and cotton, and still lives in Savannah today. She worked hard to raise Raphael and his siblings to know that they could do anything they put their mind to.

Senator District 41

Kim Jackson

Kim, 36, an Episcopal priest from the rural South, made Georgia home more than 10 years ago.

She was raised in a hardworking family, where love of God, family, and country were prioritized. Her dad served families as a social worker for more than 30 years. For many years, he worked for Child Protective Services. From her dad, Kim learned the importance of advocating for the vulnerable and neglected.

After graduating from Furman University, Kim volunteered as an EMT and led her colleagues at Emory’s Candler School of Theology in advocating for Criminal Justice Reform in Georgia.


House District 93

Dar'shun Kendrick

Dar’shun Kendrick has represented House District 93, which includes East DeKalb and South
Gwinnett, ever since being elected at the age of 27 in 2010. She was sworn into the Georgia
House of Representatives as the 2nd youngest member of the state legislature in 2011. She was
born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Towers High School in Decatur where she
graduated at the top of her class. She then went on to Oglethorpe University where she graduated
in 2004 receiving a dual degree in political science and communications. She enrolled in the
University of Georgia School of Law and graduated in 2007 with a focus on corporate law. In
2011, she graduated with honors from Kennesaw State University with a Master of Business
Administration. In 2019, she obtained her Series 65 license and is currently a registered
investment adviser in the state of Georgia.


Loganville City Council

Shenia Rivers0Devine